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Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page Reunites with The Most Iconic Guitar in Classic Rock History




Classic Rock History: Jimmy Page & The Dragon Telecaster

jimmy page of led zeppelin talks about the iconic dragon telecaster


An Absolutely Priceless Video


Jimmy Page Reunites with His Iconic "Dragon Telecaster"


Shot in 2019 to promote the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s “Play It Loud” Exhibit, Jimmy Page talks about his iconic guitars, amps and gear, among them his double-neck Gibson SG, the ’59 Les Paul Standard he got from Joe Walsh, and his use of the bow and theremin. The highlight, however, is the way Jimmy brightens when he picks up his “Dragon” Telecaster.

“I love this guitar,” says Page, beaming.

It is possibly the most personally revealing moment Jimmy Page has ever exhibited.

Perhaps the most legendary guitar in Classic Rock, used to record the first Led Zeppelin album, the Dragon Telecaster has a storied history. Jimmy Page got it originally from Jeff Beck as the latter departed the Yardbirds. Beck was quoted once saying he left it behind when he stormed out on the band in a huff, Page just took it over. The way Jimmy tells the story – still living with his parents in Epsom, playing sessions, one day he heard a roaring car engine, Jeff Beck pulled up to the house in a blue Corvette, knocked on his door, handed him the Telecaster, said: “This is yours for getting me in the Yardbirds.”

That much is well documented. When Eric Clapton left, the Yardbirds approached Jimmy Page, asked him to join. He declined, but recommended Jeff Beck. They’d met through Beck’s sister, who told her brother Jimmy was “another weird kid with a guitar.”

At the time, circa 1967, this instrument was a standard off the rack ’59 eggshell white Tele. Jimmy customized the guitar himself, adorning the body with tiny round mirrors with adhesive backing. A year or so later Page decided to strip the Telecaster’s finish down to raw wood, paint it himself in a psychedelic dragon design using day-glo pop poster colors.

Jimmy played the Dragon Telecaster through his tenure with the Yardbirds, used it to record Led Zeppelin I. In 1969, Joe Walsh gave Page a Les Paul Standard, which he played from thereafter, though Jimmy dusted the Dragon Telecaster off to record the guitar solo in “Stairway to Heaven” on Led Zeppelin IV, which is generally regarded as his best solo ever, and one of the best solos in Rock History.

There are many, many stories on the internet if you want to read more just Google Jimmy Page Dragon Telecaster.

YouTube Playlist of Jimmy Page's Session Work


YouTube Playlist, Jimmy Page Session Work

Songs from Jimmy Page's Session Guitar Work

jimmy page session guitar downtown petula clark



Petula Clark


jimmy page session guitar gloria van morrison them





jimmy page session guitar otis spann stirs me up


Stirs Me Up

Otis Spann


jimmy page session guitar baby please don't go van morrison them john lee hooker


Baby Please
Don't Go



jimmy page session guitar rod stewart good morning little schoolgirl


Good Morning
Little Schoolgirl

Rod Stewart


jimmy page session guitar jackie deshannon what the world needs now


What The World
Needs Now

Jackie DeShannon


Jimmy Page's First Great Guitar Solo


Listen to Jimmy absolutely rip it up through Arthur Crudup's
up-tempo blues standard in 1963


jimmy page session guitar dave berry my baby left me by arthur crudup


My Baby Left Me

Dave Berry


jimmy page session guitar rolling stones heart of stone metamorphosis


Heart of Stone

Rolling Stones


jimmy page session guitar the primitives help me


Help Me

The Primitives


jimmy page session guitar joe cocker i'll cry instead


I'll Cry Instead

Joe Cocker


jimmy page session guitar road runner wayne fontana and the mindbenders 1963


Road Runner

Wayne Fontana
& The Mindbenders


jimmy page session guitar david bowie mannish boys i pity the fool


I Pity The Fool

The Mannish Boys
(David Bowie)


jimmy page session guitar brian howard and the silhouettes worring kind


The Worryin' Kind

Brian Howard
& The Silhouettes



Jimmy Page's First
Recorded Guitar Solo?

June 26, 1963. Return with us now to a monumental day in Rock History. Nineteen year old Session Guitarist James Page is in the studio helping Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders record a Jerry Lee Lewis cover entitled “Hello Josephine.” Fifty-four seconds into the song they need a guitar part to fill 14 seconds between verses.

They turn to Jimmy Page. “Kid, show us what you got.”

jimmy page first recorded guitar solo wayne fontana and the midbeners hello josephine 1963
Hello Josephine

Wayne Fontana
& The Mindbenders


jimmy page session guitar jimmy powell sugar baby pye 1964


Sugar Baby

Jimmy Powell


jimmy page session guitar al stewart love chronicles


Love Chronicles

Al Stewart


jimmy page session guitar donovan hurdy gurdy man


Hurdy Gurdy Man



jimmy page session guitar joe cocker with a little help from my friends


With A Little Help
From My Friends

Joe Cocker


jimmy page session guitar shel naylor one fine day written by dave davies of the kinks


Fine Day

Shel Naylor


jimmy page session guitar paul rodgers of free singing these arms of mine by otis redding on willie and the poor boys


These Arms
of Mine

Jimmy Page & Paul Rodgers


Go to Jimmy Page's Website


Jimmy has a webpage which lists his session work.


Jimmy Page Discography Sessions

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